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Endpoint Protection & Threat Intelligence

Ultimate malware protection through machine learning and behavioural heuristics

Webroot protects against threats across email, browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps, and more in real time using multi-vector endpoint protection and behavioural heuristics to identify and protect against never-before-seen threats.


Stronger and smarter zero-hour security

Layered user and device defences

Stop attacks that take advantage of poor user awareness, not just those that target device vulnerabilities.

Malware detection, and protection

Prevent viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing, ransomware, spyware, browser-based attacks, cryptojacking, and wide range of other threats.

Multi-shield protection

7 shields for predictive protection against zero-day threats: Real-Time, Behaviour, Core System, Web Threat, Identity, Phishing, and Offline.

User identity and privacy

Stop DNS poisoning, keystroke logging, screen grabbing, cookie scraping, clipboard grabbing, and browser hijacking by malicious software.


Threats are captured and analysed in milliseconds

Webroot ensures unparalleled early detection of threats - smarter, faster, more effective security that offers real-time protection with deep learning intelligence that uses a layered approach to continually refine and enhance classification accuracy.

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Giving you fully automated, cloud-based centralised management

Enabling you to manage endpoints anywhere, anytime, online with hierarchical controls and visibility.

Integrated Management

An intuitive interface for administering multiple entities such as geographical locations, sites and user groups.

RMM & PSA integrations

Partnering with best-in-class RMM and PSA vendors to enable MSPs to streamline their operations and grow their businesses.


Service Configurations

Global Site Manager is also able to enforce global policies, overrides, and alerting over all endpoint entities.

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Now you can protect more and work less

Webroot was built to be easy to deploy, manage, and maintain. Take advantage of pre-configured policy templates or create your own. There are never any signatures or definitions to manage - all protection occurs in real-time, from the cloud, without impacting the user or admin experience. 

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Lower costs and bigger profits for IT Service Providers

Webroot gives you an innovative set of tools, exclusive resources, and easy-to-manage cybersecurity solutions to effectively grow your Managed Service business.


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