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Can Your Firewall Say That?

Untangle Features Firewall

Untangle NG Firewall gives you more protection at the gateway in a single solution.

Untangle Feature Filter

Get a handle on every rogue application, encrypted web request and malware distribution point. 

Untangle Features Perform

Balance competing priorities, ensure quality of service and maximise uptime whilst saving money.

Untangle Features Connect and Branch Offices

Tackle the challenges of a remote workforce, branch offices and guest wi-fi with Untangle NG Firewall.

Untangle Feature Manage Users

See who's doing what when on your network. Set policies by user, group, device or time.

Untangle Feature Add Ons

Rebrand NG Firewall to reflect your brand in the administrative interface and on block pages.

Untangle NG Firewall takes the complexity out of network security.

Saving your time, money and frustration - get everything you need in a single, modular platform that fits the evolving needs of every organisation without the headaches of multiple point solutions.

Why Untangle is the #1 Choice of IT Professionals

Untangle Features Next Generation Firewall


Manage Next Generation Firewall At Every Site

Cloud-based centralised management with Command Center for simple control and access.

Untangle Feature Next Generation Firewall Blocks Malware, Spam, Viruses and Phishing


Stop Ransomware & Phishing Attacks

Next Generation Firewall blocks malware, spam, viruses and phishing before they reach devices. 

Untangle Feature Cost Effective Solution


Cost-Effective Solution for State & Local Government

Gain control, security and visibility over the network, preventing data breaches. 


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NG Firewall Complete


Untangle’s NG Firewall software package, Complete, is the easiest way to get all the applications you need for a complete solution with apps that work together to support even your most demanding use cases. Additionally, there is special pricing packages for public sector and non-profit clients.



Untangle Features Dashboard
Untangle Features Dashboard
Untangle Features Dashboard

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