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RMM Software for IT Ninjas

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Remote Monitoring and Management Tool for Customer Networks and Devices

Explore the SaaS based RMM Tool Features

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All The Features You Need - None You Don't

IT Ninjas come in all shapes and sizes. NinjaMSP works with small IT service providers yet is built industrial strength to handle our larger IT service providers that have thousands of customers.


- Easy to learn, Intutitive RMM Software

- Centralised search for all your customers' IT assets

- Remote administration of customer computers and networks

- Alerts, reports, and auto-repair of devices

- Agent-based, works with PC, Mac and networked devicesappscreenshot.png

- Remote monitoring with group policies for ALL your customers 

- Monitor your customers' cloud with external monitors


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Explore the SaaS Based RMM Tool

Why choose Ninja MSP RMM

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Integrations with NinjaMSP

Adding new Strategic Partners each month.

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How to become an IT Ninja

NinjaMSP is committed to being the most powerful RMM in the marketplace. With the absolute best user experience and integrations with all the products you love to use; the NinjaMSP platform is the result of thousands of MSPs’ feedback and working closely with the product management teams of the major vendors you use today. We have built a next generation platform, with a community driven product management process, all packaged with a reasonable price tag.

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