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Microsoft Azure consumption in the UK has more than doubled within 12 months, and costs are escalating too. With our specialist consultants and consumption reporting tool, you can now get the greatest value from Microsoft Azure. 


Identify opportunities for higher cloud efficiency

Cost transparency

Obtain enterprise-wide cloud-cost transparency and customised, granular reporting for optimal Azure management.

Single pane of glass

Manage your Azure and multi-cloud deployments from a single pane of glass, and identify opportunities for higher cloud efficiency.

Detection of usage spikes

Take Azure pricing, performance and efficiency into account - immediately detect usage spikes and other anomalies to avoid cloud sprawl.

Clear governance 

Create Azure cost and consumption alerts, creating custom budget and usage violation notifications to maintain control of your cloud deployment.


Obtain cloud cost transparency and optimal Azure management

Enhance resource tagging and business entity categorisation with custom metadata layers to align consumption and costs with appropriate business entities. Compile clear, accurate and data-driven chargeback reports. 

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Additional Microsoft Azure support

Cost Management

Gain actual cost analysis, costs over time, monthly and annual projected cost reports and custom cost allocation.

Asset Management

Get Azure resource explorer, monitoring Azure services and instance explorer to monitor VM with usage metrics monitoring. 


Get multi-cloud comparison and customisable dashboards to present high level information to company stakeholders.

Offer your clients Azure with Zedsphere

Our professionals delve beneath the surface of your cloud deployment and add immediate value, with unrivalled licensing knowledge and commercial know-how means you get the best skills to optimise your IT environment.


Say goodbye to the complexity of Azure consumption

Supporting customers to reduce the time and effort needed to effectively manage their cloud platform, through a managed service which delivers detailed analytics and optimisation data, delivered using easy to consume reports and portals. 

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