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Cloud Based Hosted VoIP for MSPs


VoIP was the largest growth area for MSPs in 2017

and with Invosys Hosted designed specifically for MSPs, it is now easier than ever to include VoIP into your product portfolio.

Invosys Dashboard User Interface
Invosys Dashboard Example User Interface
Invosys Dashboard UI Example

Everything you'd expect and more, as standard

Invosys Caller Queues Feature

Place callers into a queue to be answered when the user is free.

Invosys Custom Inbound Call Falls Feature
Call Flows

Build custom inbound call flows to create a desired path.

Invsoys Inbound Outbound Call Recording Feature
Call Recording

Set up inbound and outbound call recording for each user.

Invosys Ring Groups Feature
Ring Groups

Create groups of users that can be used as part of a call plan.

Invosys Configure Audio Files Feature

Upload and configure audio files to be used in your call flow.

Invosys Call Routed Feature
Find Me, Follow Me

Easily control how calls are routed to users.

Invosys Configure Office Hours and Direct Callers to Voicemail Boxes Feature
Time of Day Rules

Configure your office hours and direct callers to voicemail boxes.

Invsosys Voicemail to Email Feature
Voicemail to Email

Voicemails arrive in your email so no need to search devices.


Super Easy To Implement


Remote Support

Add, change, remove or reconfigure devices and users directly from the portal.


Remote Provisioning

Hardware is drop shipped preconfigured and provisioned directly to the end user.


Remote Diagnostics

Find and resolve issues before your customers even realise they exist. 


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Why MSPs like (2).png Hosted VoIP

Largest Growth Area


There are over 3 million businesses that are moving across from traditional phones systems to VoIP as ISDN comes to an end in 2022. Your clients require VoIP solutions and they're turning to MSPs to provide it.


Multitenanted Console


VoIP is fully hosted in the cloud and doesn't need any unecessary on-site routing equipment. Invosys Hosted allows you to seamlessly deploy and support business grade VoIP from one single pane of glass.


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